A Vision for Sustainability

Vision RNG develops, designs, builds, owns and operates Landfill Gas (LFG) infrastructure to capture and process LFG into pipeline-grade RNG.

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What We Do

From odor control to greenhouse gas emissions, landfill owners face constant and growing pressures to address the environmental impacts of their sites.

Vision RNG partners with these landfill owners to design, build, own, and operate LFG infrastructure to address these concerns. We provide a novel approach to capturing landfill gas and bringing it to market. As a result, landfill owners can turn waste emissions that would otherwise be flared into pipeline-quality RNG that will generate revenue for decades to come.

Our partners are those who wish to reduce their environmental impact and those with a vested interest in providing clean, sustainable energy for today’s consumers.

Why Us?



Vision RNG brings decades of experience across project development, engineering, construction, and landfill operations.  Our backgrounds include deep expertise not only in the landfill space, but also in the conventional natural gas sector.  This combined expertise allows us to better understand the full value chain from the landfill gas source to offtake, which drives novel approaches to our design and successful RNG solutions.



Throughout our careers, we have successfully developed numerous biogas, conventional natural gas, and other infrastructure projects, including over 70 LFG beneficial use projects. Our leadership team and partners have worked with the largest suppliers of natural gas construction and operation services in the industry, and have been on the leading edge of gas extraction, processing and transportation technologies.



Unlike a lot of developers, we come with significant capital in hand.  As a result, we can move quickly on projects without needing to line up financing, an issue that stalls and prevents many projects from moving forward.

We are backed by Vision Ridge Partners, a leading investment firm with approximately $2.5 billion under management.  Vision Ridge Partners aims to deliver superior financial returns and positive environmental impact through investments in sustainable real assets.

Vision RNG brought together a team of seasoned professionals with decades of experience across the natural gas and waste management industries. Combining proven LFG technologies with processes widely used in the conventional natural gas sector, we provide a unique solution to capture, process, and commercialize LFG at sites previously considered too small for viable projects.