Vision RNG brought together a team of experts in waste management, project development, and natural gas infrastructure. Using proven LFG technologies and processes widely used in the natural gas sector, we provide unique solutions for capturing landfill emissions for conversion into a sustainable renewable product. We help our partners use these proven technologies to create new revenue streams, reduce environmental impacts, and provide a sustainable energy source for today’s customers.

On-site Services:

  • Our team identifies sites that would be suitable for LFG to RNG extraction and processing
  • We perform the due diligence to certify potential sites
  • Vision RNG establishes design parameters and permitting requirements
  • We select the appropriate partners and contractors for construction
  • We manage the processing equipment and associated infrastructure installation, perform quality assurance, and develop an on-site training plan for operator training
  • We deliver RNG to an offtake pipeline for sale
  • We offer consulting services to landfill owners related to LFG to RNG projects

Off-site Services:

  • LFG transport to pipeline injection point facilities
  • If required, truck transport loading/unloading facility when landfills are not close to the pipeline injection site
  • Consumer-ready RNG delivery to brokers and wholesalers via the pipeline

What is Renewable Natural Gas?

Industries have long been plagued with the challenge of emissions and byproducts. This is particularly true in the waste management sector.

A natural byproduct of waste management is biogas. As organic materials naturally decompose, they release gases such as methane, CO2, and more. As more waste is added to a landfill, pressures on lower substrates of waste compress oxygen out of the materials, creating an anaerobic atmosphere, accelerating the creation of biogases. Left unchecked, these biogases enter the atmosphere, increasing Greenhouse gases.

Our processes capture this landfill gas at the site, allowing us to transfer LFG to appropriate sites for processing – separating harmful gases from useful RNG. Thanks to our experience, we’re able to do this in full compliance of all federal and state requirements and regulations.

Vision RNG helps landfills reduce their environmental footprints, while producing replacement for traditional fossil fuels, providing a cleaner energy source for today’s consumers.

Step 1

Waste goes into landfill and produces landfill gas, which is about 50% methane

Step 2

Vision RNG extracts the landfill gas

Step 3

Vision RNG converts the landfill gas to renewable natural gas and injects into natural gas pipeline

Step 4

Renewable natural gas provides fuel for your home, buses/trucks, and factories